The utilization module for Grazed Class / Ocular Estimate is used for recording species and grazed class. The module has the following input display:

Input can be selected for ranges (as shown above), midpoints, or endpoints by toggling the selection drop down as shown:

Settings for Grazed Class / Ocular Estimate include the following options:

  • Observation scale of reference can be changed to either plant or reference using the drop down arrow.

  • Observations per sample/quadrat has a default of 1 but can be changed to any number. This option only applies when not recording by species.

  • Record by species or group can be toggled on or off depending on whether recording will be done by species or not.

  • Utilization classes can be configured to the desired parameters by end point of each class. Below this option there is a drop down allowing the user to input/display classes either by endpoint, midpoint, or range.

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