Dry-Weight Rank

The display module for Dry-Weight-Rank (DWR), which is used to estimate relative species composition based on weight, displays each of three ranks to which species may be assigned.

Selections are made by clicking a species in the input panel. The first selection is automatically assigned all three ranks. If there is only one species in the quadrat, data entry is then complete for the current quadrat. If a second selection is made, it is assigned to ranks 2 and 3. A third selection is then assigned to rank 3. This behavior is consistent whether each selection is the same or different species. During initial data entry, ranks that were automatically assigned rather than hard input by the user are colored slightly lighter for reference. This has no effect on the summary and analysis of the data. Which ranks are assigned versus automatically filled is not stored in the database, so this distinction will not be visible when a form is closed and then later reopened for editing.

In the display example above, all three ranks were assigned by the user. Once all three ranks have been assigned, subsequent selections then begin to remove species rank assignments in reverse order and replaces rank assignments with the species of the next highest rank.

The "Clear" button clears all assignments and the user must reenter all ranks. The number of samples is displayed at the top for reference during sampling because empty quadrats have no purpose for DWR and are not included as a sample in any analysis. Therefore the number of samples may not match the sample number displayed in the navigation panel. Use this number to determine if an adequate sample has been taken when there are many empty quadrats encountered during sampling.

Once data entry is complete for this module, activity does not automatically jump to the next module because there is no way for the module to anticipate when data entry is complete.


Settings for the Dry-Weight-Rank (DWR) module are shown below. In addition to transect and sample configuration, settings include:

  • Quadrat Height/Width - Enter the dimensions of the quadrat used for sampling DWR. These dimensions are for reference only and have no impact on function of the module.

  • Ranking mode - There are two modes for assigning ranks and subsequent analysis, namely "Multiple" ranks and "Single" ranks. Multiple ranks are preferred, and due to the ease of entering multiple ranks using a tablet, only that option is currently available.

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