Data Modules

This section of the user guide takes specific vegetation sampling methods and describes how to enter data. These instructions are specific to a method and are not dependent on a particular data form or overall sampling protocol. The instructions should apply regardless of the form in which a data entry panel is used. Details regarding implementation of a method is not discussed as many vegetation sampling manuals are available for this. Instead, the focus is how to collect data using VGS regardless of various nuances surrounding implementation of each method.

The following attributes can be collected:


  • by Quadrat
  • by Line Intercept
  • by Point Intercept
  • by Daubenmire Estimation


  • by Line Intercept


  • by Quadrat


  • by Nested Quadrat


  • by Stubble Height

The modules include:

Line Intercept:

Quadrat Frame:

Point Intercept:

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