Study Summary Reports

Study summary reports summarize data for a single event.

Follow these steps to generate a summary report:

  1. Browse to the correct site or location and go to the “Log” tab of the Site Information Form.

  2. Select the specific event to be reported. In the example below the trend monitoring event that took place on 09/17/2015 is selected for a frequency comparison report.

  3. Click the Reports drop-down menu at the top

  4. Click Compare Events

  5. Select the event to be compared (e.g. Compare – Frequency)

  6. Check the boxes (radio buttons) for all the information you would like displayed on the report from the dialog. See Site Reports for more information on configuring report options.

  7. Click “Save as Defaults” button to save selected options as defaults.

  8. Click the Run Report button.

  9. Save or export the report as a PDF, Excel file, etc. as shown below.

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