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There are currently two types of data forms available in VGS: "Field" forms and "Office" forms. Field forms are designed to be used when recording data in the field, usually using repetitive sampling procedures. For information about Field forms see the Data Form Structure section of this manual. Office forms are more suited to entering data which has been previously recorded on paper data forms or electronic spreadsheets.

Tabular View input is often used for inputting data in the office from previously collected field data sheets. To access tabular view from a field data form click the "Tabular View" button in the top right of the screen.

This will open a tabular view input window like the one shown below.

Tabular view is not as convenient for entering data in the field but it has advantages in other cases. After recording data, the user can switch to tabular view in order to export data as a .csv or MicrosoftTM Excel file. To export data in one of these formats click the "export" drop down in the top right corner and choose which file type you would like to create.

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