Form Summary Reports

Form summary reports will summarize data for a single data form for more than one event or type of data on the form. Few of these reports are available because since they include more than one kind of data, they are usually very specific or custom in nature.

To generate a form summary report for a single visit or study report:

  1. Browse to the site/location and the desired event or visit in the "Log” tab of the Site Information Form.

  2. Expand the event by clicking the plus symbol.

  3. Select the single Form or Study to be reported.

  4. Click the "Reports" drop-down menu at the top

  5. Browse to "Form Summary" or "Study Summary"

  6. Check the boxes (radio buttons) in the dialog for all the information needed to be displayed on the report:

    • Display alternate ground cover category names if any. See Category Names to generate custom lists.

    • Display species as common names. The common names as listed in the USDA Plants Database will be displayed on the report.

    • Group by species group. This will display the data in plant form groups such as perennial grasses, perennial forbs, shrubs and trees, etc. (e.g. only group by species group is selected). To generate a custom list of Species Groups, see Species Groups.

  7. Click “Save as Defaults” button to save selected options as defaults.

  8. Click "Run Report" button.

  9. Save or export the report as a PDF, Excel file, etc. as shown below.

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