General Reports

General reports don’t usually involve sample data, but simply provide summary information about sites or locations sampled, the types of data available and so forth. Many of the reports however can be restricted to subsets of information by selecting a folder to indicate the level of information to be reported. This is similar to other multi-site reports. General reports are available from the main VGS menu and/or from the menu on Site Information Forms.

Data Scope

A Data Scope is a general report that lists all the Events and Methods used on a particular site or location. In order to produce a Data Scope Report do the following:

  1. Browse to the site or location you want the data scope on and double click to open the Site Information Form and go to the “Log” tab.

  2. Click on "Reports" drop-down menu

  3. Select "General"

  4. Select "Data Scope"

  5. Save or export the report as a PDF, Excel file, etc. as shown below.

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