All VGS reports can be exported and some specific types of data exports are included under report menus, so for the purposes of this guide, reporting and exporting are interchangeable and will simply be referred to as reports.

Reporting in VGS follows a paradigm that is the reverse of many applications. Many applications require the user to select a report, and then choose the data to include in the report. However, data are often unique or specific in nature and are not appropriate for use with every type of report. Therefore, to assist with finding appropriate reports for given sets of data, VGS users are generally required to first select the set of data on which to report, at which point the list of reports available appropriate to the data are presented to the user for selection.

Reporting in VGS is available at five levels:

  1. General Reports

    General reports don’t usually involve sample data, but simply provide summary information about sites or locations sampled, the types of data available and so forth. Many of the reports however can be restricted to subsets of information by selecting a folder to indicate the level of information to be reported. This is similar to the multi-site reports below. General reports are available from the main VGS menu and/or from the menu on Site Information Forms.

  2. Area Reports

    Area reports summarize various types of data, but do so across multiple sites. The area or groups of sites to be reported are chosen by selecting a folder to indicate the level of reporting to be performed. Once a folder is chosen, the general reports or data exports available are listed in the Reports menu on the main VGS menu bar.

  3. Site Reports

    Reports of this type are available from the Reports menu on the Site Information Form and report on site specific information or summarize data across multiple dates and/or events.

  4. Form Summary Reports

    Form summary reports will summarize data for a single data form for more than one event or type of data on the form. Few of these reports are available because since they include more than one kind of data, they are usually very specific or custom in nature.

  5. Study Summary Reports

    Study summary reports summarize data for a single event.

Report Preview

All VGS reports will initially open with a report preview screen. From this preview screen the report can be saved as a PDF, Excel file, etc. using the drop down function as shown below:

The Report Preview toolbar functions are:

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