Other Data Input Lists and Templates

Other data input lists and templates include:

Category Lists

Category Names

Species Groups

In order to create one of these data input lists or templates, go to “Setup” and click on “Lists”.

A new list is created by first clicking on and selecting the type of list to be created as described for the species input list. Then click the "New" button to give the new list a name. A description of the list may be added as well. When finished, click the "Save" button.

To add members to a list, select the list to be edited and then click on the "Members" tab. Members may not be added to a list until the list has been saved for the first time. Any list with an image of a padlock in the "Locked" column may be viewed but may not be edited. For specific instructions see the individual sections.

Note: You Can also select the check mark next to a list to make it the default list.

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