New Data Form

In order to create a new data form, do the following:

  1. click the “New” button in the “Log” tab of a Site Information Form.

    The following “Create Forms and Events” dialog will open:

  2. Choose Protocol: A default protocol will already be chosen when this dialog opens but you can choose a different protocol to be used from the drop down menu.

    If protocols have already been set up for your specific organization or group you will simply choose the appropriate protocol. Refer to the New Protocol section of the manual in the event that it is necessary to import or generate a new protocol.

  3. Protocol/Visit Name: A name can be entered for the protocol/visit if desired. Otherwise the default will display the name of the protocol in this box. This Protocol/Visit Name is sometimes useful for describing the purpose of the data collection event.

  4. Configure Forms and Events: Once the protocol form has been chosen and expanded, a list of all the available forms and modular events is displayed with the option to change settings:

    These options allow you to make changes to settings such as the number of transects, number of samples per transect, and sampling event settings. In most cases you will not need to adjust these settings if you have chosen a pre-configured protocol from your organization. For more information on form and event settings refer to the New Protocol section of the manual.

CAUTION: Avoid making changes to parameters and settings after data entry due to the risk of losing data already recorded. For example, if data have already been collected on transect 3 and the "Number of Transects" parameter is changed to 2, all data on transect three will be lost. A similar situation could occur when changing the number of nested quadrats, ground cover points per quadrat etc.

  1. When you are finished configuring the forms and events select "Create Forms" to open your new data form. Refer to the Data Form Structure section of this manual for more information on using data forms.

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