Main Toolbar

The main toolbar provides for common actions. Most actions can be done with a mouse using right-click context menus, but because context menus are sometimes more difficult to work with in the field using a stylus, buttons have been provided as an alternative way to accomplish many tasks. Hovering over a toolbar button with the mouse or an active stylus will bring up the name or function of each button in the toolbar. The function of each button is described below.

Expand All

Expands or opens all folders in all structures to their deepest levels.

Collapse All

Collapses or closes all folders in all structures to their root levels.

Expand/Collapse Selected Folder

In the diagram above, this button expands the currently selected folder one level. This is the same as clicking on the "+" symbol for a folder, but it is sometimes easier when using a stylus. However, if the folder selected is already expanded, this button displays an up-arrow instead of the down-arrow as displayed above and clicking on the button will collapse the selected folder. This button functions only on the folder currently selected in the folders panel.

View All Descendant Locations for Selected Folder

Clicking this button toggles the current display mode for the contents panel.

Edit Folder

This button functions for folders only, in either the folder or contents panels. It opens a dialog for entering information about the selected folder:

A name, description, and site ID number can be given in this dialog window. Also, a list of contacts and temporal history of these contacts associated with the current item can be created, along with their associated project roles.

Open Selected Folder/Location

Clicking this button expands/opens the currently selected folder or site. It operates on the primary selected item in either the folder panel or the contents panel. This is the same as either double-clicking on a folder or site, or right-clicking a folder or site and choosing "Open...", but it is sometimes easier when using a stylus.

Edit Schema

Clicking this button places the main VGS window into edit mode allowing the user to make changes to the schema of folders and to add or delete sites. See Manage Folders and Manage Locations for details.

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