Prerequisites needed for VGS software Version 4.0. are installed by the VGS installation program if not already available on the target computer and are distributed under public license from Microsoft.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.5.1

  • Microsoft SQL Server:

    • Compact Edition 3.5 SP1+, or

    • 2008 (or later) Express or Server Editions.


NOTE: Provided screenshots follow the sequence of installation on a desktop computer with Windows 10 operating system.

Installation places VGS shortcuts to the desktop and Windows Start Menu.

The default install location is C:\Program Files(x86)\VGS4

  1. Locate the root directory for the installation source files for the VGS software and run VGS vx.x Setup.exe.

  2. Accept any user agreements (EULA) that appear. Depending on which prerequisites are installed, you may be asked to reboot before continuing. Installation will continue automatically following the reboot.

  3. Accept the default installation path or change to the desired path when requested.

  4. Wait for the install wizard to run and click Finish when it's done.

If the computer on which VGS is installed has a restrictive security environment, attempt to run VGS after installation is complete. If the message "Unable to load database" appears, then there may be issues with access permissions that must be resolved:

  • The VGS folder where the software is installed must have read/execute permissions.

  • The folder where the VGS database is located must have read/write/modify privileges. The location of this folder depends on the operating system. In general, the default locations for the data is C:\ProgramData\VGSData

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