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VGS Version 4.0

  • Ability to design your own sampling protocols.  
    - Design your own data forms by combining VGS data modules
    - Combine data forms to create a custom protocol.
  • Multi-form protocols - Forms will open at the same time allowing you to switch between forms at will during sampling. 
  • Additional data modules supporting more sampling methods.
  • A myriad of major and minor enhancements.

The current version may be downloaded from the General Downloads project on the Downloads page.  It is a general installation that includes everything needed to run VGS, but will need to be configured to your specific requirements.  If your organization is already using VGS, look for your organization on the Downloads page to see if there are any instructions or pre-configured files available specific to your organization.  Please contact us for assistance in configuring VGS to meet your specific needs. 

3.2 to 4.0 Database Conversion Available!

VGS Version 3.2 (Deprecated)

VGS Version 3.2 is no longer available or supported. Please contact the VGS development team if you wish to convert your Version 3.2 database to a Version 4.0 database.