Frequently Asked Questions - Support FAQs


There are now many options for tablets that will work with VGS, but there are some things to look for and some cautions of which to be aware.   For details on what is required and recommendations as to the the kinds of tablets and features that should be considered,  see this document:


You may back up your data as often as desired, but we recommend at a minimum that data be backed up at the end of the day or at any other time prior to shutting down the tablet.

VGS stores data to the database every time you navigate to a new quadrat, point, transect or, depending on the method, upon each entry of data.  So it is not necessary to back up periodically during sampling or when changing batteries for fear of loss of data when the computer simply shuts off.  The most data you might lose would be for the current quadrat or point (unless of course the hard drive crashes).

To back up your data, from the main menu bar at the top of the VGS window choose the "File" menu, then select "Database" and then "Backup...".


From the dialog which then appears, choose the "Browse" button and select the location where you want the backup file to be placed.  When using VGS on a tablet computer, we recommend the database be backed up to a thumb drive or other external storage so that the backup will be available even if the tablet is stolen or disappears into the depths of the creek you were trying to cross.  The default file name will be "VGS_" followed by a date and time stamp.  However, you may change the name of the file as desired by editing the name in the listed path. 

In the case of a typical tablet installation of VGS, the backup file is simply a complete copy of the database file.