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How much does VGS cost?

There is no charge to use a current version of VGS. Any modules already available within VGS may be used without cost.

On what computers will VGS work?

Currently, VGS is available only for the Microsoft WindowsTM operating system.  It will work on tablet, laptop and desktop computers using:

What database does VGS use?

VGS is distributed with Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition version 3.5 and is usually the database used by VGS on tablet computers or individual desktops or laptops.

What tablet should I purchase?


Where do I get VGS?

VGS is available by choosing the "Downloads" tab on this web site.  Everything needed to use VGS is included with the installation.

Who is using VGS?

VGS is being used by a variety of entities involved in land management including USFS, BLM, NPS, NRCS, state land and natural resource departments, county resource managers, university extension sp